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Things to do: nature


Casa El Corasueño (Andalusia) is located in the middle of the Guadalhorce valley and creates the perfect starting point for beautiful walks. After a solid breakfast you can lace your hiking boots and discover the authentic village Almogía, a typical ‘pueblo blanco’ located only 20 minutes’ walking from our b&b. Discover the beautiful squares, churches and watchtower as you pass through the narrow streets of this friendly white town. Almogía features 4 signposted walking routes, one of which passes our b&b. This route is 7 km long with a beautiful sight of the region behind every corner. Some views are robust rock formations with magnificent panoramas, others show hills and plains, covered with almond and olive trees. We have all the necessary information available on location regarding those village walking routes. Finally, the popular pilgrim route ‘Santiago de Compostella’ crosses through Almogía as well.

Montes de Málaga

30 minutes

This natural park is located just outside of Málaga and features many pine trees, beautiful hills and nice views over the coastline around Málaga. The signposted walking route to the top is highly recommended.

El Torcal (de Antequera)

40 minutes

Would you like to visit some UNESCO world heritage? Then go for a walk in the impressive natural park El Torcal with its uniquely formed rock and limestone formations. There are three different walking distances, suitable for every type of traveler and also very fun to visit with children. By following the signposts you will encounter ravines, caves and other curiosities. If you keep quiet you may even spot some of its inhabitants: foxes, eagles, vultures, mountain goats,… There’s also a magnificent view over the Guadalhorce valley and the Mediterranean. During sunny winter days you can even spot snow at the Sierra Nevada peaks.

Fuente de Piedra

55 minutes

Fuente de Piedra is a uniquely protected nature reserve north of Antequera which houses Spain’s largest salt water lake and also serves as breeding grounds for hundreds of flamingos. Every year in March plenty of flamingos nest here before returning to West-Afrika. In addition to flamingos you can observe plenty of other migratory and breeding birds here.

El Chorro & Embalses del Guadalhorce

1 hour

The Guadalhorce valley with the eponymous river is a beautiful part of Andalusia to discover by car. Drive to El Chorro (Caminito del Rey) and discover this magnificent region of the three natural water reserves where you can even drive across the dams. Swimming and other water sports are available as well as having a drink with a view over the surrounding waters.

Embalse de Viñuela

1 hour

The Viñuela water reserve with its cyan-colored water is definitely worth a visit. You can drive over this large lake and discover a few white villages along the way, with various beautiful panoramas along the route.

Sierra de las Nieves

1 hour, 15 minutes

Translated literally as 'the snow mountain', because of the snow-covered peaks during winters. This over 2.000 m tall mountain with surrounding natural park is a sight to behold and is easily accessible from our village. The Sierra de las Nieves is mostly uninhabited and can have a severe climate during winters. But it’s this desolate and vast landscape that makes this particular region so interesting. You can travel through the region by car to frequently stop and behold the views or prepare yourself for a long and challenging mountain stroll.

Sierra de Tejeda

1 hour, 15 minutes

This mountain range stretches from the coast of Nerja up till far in the interior part of Andalusia and forms a natural border between the Málaga and Granada provinces. The mountain peak, La Maroma, is located 2.066 m above sea level and offers a breathtaking view over the Costa del Sol. This region’s nature is truly wonderful with its deeply carved ravines and spectacular cliffs and is ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

Sierra Nevada

1 hour, 50 minutes

The Sierra Nevada features sixteen mountain peaks which are over 3.000 meters tall. One of those peaks in this range is the highest mountain of the Iberian peninsula, the Mulhacén (3.482 m). There also are several ski slopes for you to enjoy winter sports.

Adventurers / sporty types

If you enjoy adventuring/sports we can guide you to a variety of activities such as quad/buggy rides, jeep safari, motorcycle or vespa ride, horse riding, scuba diving, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, spotting dolphins or a private boat trip at sea. All this is possible with guidance. A variety of bike rentals and customized cycling routes are on offer.

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