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Hiking "Almendra"

Hola hiking lover,

Especially for you we’ve drawn up a hiking arrangement which allows you to explore the wonderful nature around our b&b featuring winding rural paths, beautiful views and kilometers of hiking fun and this combined with a half-board stay at our b&b. Car rentals are not necessary for these arrangements, which saves you on travel costs. We take care of transport from and to the airport and to the starting or ending point of the hiking routes. Hiking maps and signs on the road will help you find the right way.


Day 1

Day of arrival, the vacation begins!

Day 2

Camino Mozárabe ★ part 2 Junta de los Caminos - Almogía ★ 12,2 km walk ★ 350 meters altitude

Loosen the legs with a part of the famous pilgrimage route Santiago de Compostela from Puerto de la Torre (Junta de los Caminos) to our Almogía village. This route leads you through riverbeds and hillsides in magnificent surroundings, en route you’ll encounter ancient ruins and wells.

After the workout it’s time for relaxation which includes an evening meal in our b&b in the form of a daily special.

Day 3

Ruta Corasueño ★ 16 km walk ★ 450 meters altitude

Starting from our b&b go and explore around our village Almogía and its surroundings, this route goes across terrific rock formations and sights. The winding paths go up and down towards the most beautiful locations in the area, you’ll be walking between olive and almond trees in a breathtaking environment.

In the evening you can relax your feet and join us for an evening meal in the form of a daily special.

Day 4

Today you can choose one of the following 3 hiking routes:

To beautifully wrap up the day we’ll join you to a local bar where you can taste the local hospitality and gastronomy.

Day 5

Camino Mozarábe ★ part 3 Almogía - Villanueva de la Concepción ★ 18,5 km walk ★ 650 meters altitude

Walk along the pilgrimage route Santiago de Compostela from Almogía to Villanueva de la Concepción. Travel through the untouched nature and walk from one surprise to another as you’ll encounter beautiful sights of hills and mountain tops. This walk can be shortened if preferred.

We finish the hiking holiday with a cozy get-together and a delicious 3-course dinner.

Day 6

Day of departure, the vacation ends...

Today you can sleep in and enjoy a final large breakfast before returning home. We wave you goodbye, drive you to the airport and cherish the memories of your stay here with us.


Our hiking arrangement “Almendra” is available for a total of 640 EUR or only 64 EUR per person per night.

This price includes:

We can modify our arrangements to your personal preferences.
If you’re interested or desire more info, feel free to contact us via mail: info@casa-elcorasueno.com

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